Web based online exit interview system.


Exit Logics

Web based online exit interview system.

Companies spend a handsome amount of time and money on the development of their employees but when the employees leave, they are left with nothing.

Exit interviews are conducted to find out why the employees leave, where they go, which competitors they join and what is the employee turnover trend.

ExitLogics.com is a web based online exit interview service by us, developed in collaboration with Cyberjee Systems, our partners in the USA.

ExitLogics.com service is free to try and an essential for every company or where employees matter. Independent HR consultants and head hunters can also extend their services by providing an online exit interviews




What our clients say

We have worked with Sulata iSoft on various complex web applications. They have impressed us with their “nothing is impossible” attitude, great skills and excellent support. Our relation with Sulata iSoft has been not only enjoyable but also profitable.

Aamir Majeed, CEO, KAM Konsulting, Pakistan




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