Cross-server database backup PHP script for MySQL.



Cross-server database backup PHP script for MySQL.

iBackup is a PHP script developed to take database backup of a web site and either upload it on another server or send the database dump by email to a predefined email address.

You just set and forget. In case of a database crash, restore the database from the last backup in just a few minutes.




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Sulata iSoft has been a reliable and creative provider for me for nearly a decade. The team at Sulata is receptive and has a great knack for turning ideas into workable practical solutions. I have found their customer services to be prompt and readily available when things don’t work as they should. I have recommended Sulata’s services to many other who have shared similar experiences with the company. I have particularly enjoyed Sulata’s constant efforts for updating clients
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Osama Bin Javaid, Journalist, Pakistan




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