Cross-server database backup PHP script for MySQL.



Cross-server database backup PHP script for MySQL.

iBackup is a PHP script developed to take database backup of a web site and either upload it on another server or send the database dump by email to a predefined email address.

You just set and forget. In case of a database crash, restore the database from the last backup in just a few minutes.




What our clients say

We engaged services of Sulata iSoft on various projects during the last 4 years. Most of the projects were complex in nature, and required delivery within very tight timelines. The team at Sulata has handled all our requirements very professionally and has never been hesitant to go the extra mile in pursuit of perfection and customer satisfaction.

That is the reason we turn to Sulata whenever we are confronted with a challenging IT requirement.

Usman Aziz, HFA Healthcare Products Limited, UK




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