Android based guard tour system with incident reporting.



A guard tour system is a system for logging the rounds of a guard patrolling a property. It helps ensure that the guard makes his appointed rounds at the correct intervals.

iGuardTour is an Android based guard tour system with instant incident reporting.

How iGuardTour Works?

  • QR Codes or NFC tags are used as check points
  • A Smart Phone is used as a data collector
  • The guard scans a QR Code or taps an NFC tag
  • The data is sent to the cloud in Internet or local network
  • The system tells which check point is next and at what time the guard needs to be there
  • In case of an incident, incident is captured from the smart phone interface
  • A picture of the incident can also be attached
  • An automatic email is sent to a predefined group of people
  • SMS can also be sent at the same time
  • Data as formatted reports and charts is available in real-time, no need to plug in the device and down data
  • GPS location is also captured so for large areas, check point visits and incidents can be plotted on a map


  • Lower cost of hardware
  • Zero cost of software
  • No downloading of data required
  • Reports availabe instantly
  • Data secured online instantly
  • Incident types are captured
  • Incident locations are captured
  • Incident pictures can be attached
  • Incident alerts are sent as email
  • SMS alerts can also be sent
  • No need to keep spare units in stock
  • Zero lead time
  • In depth reporting




What our clients say

Sulata iSoft has been a reliable and creative provider for me for nearly a decade. The team at Sulata is receptive and has a great knack for turning ideas into workable practical solutions. I have found their customer services to be prompt and readily available when things don’t work as they should. I have recommended Sulata’s services to many other who have shared similar experiences with the company. I have particularly enjoyed Sulata’s constant efforts for updating clients
with the latest technology and creative innovations.

Osama Bin Javaid, Journalist, Pakistan




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