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What is intelliCanvas® ASP?

intelliCanvas® is an intelligent ASP Editor, that is available for free. It works in a similar fashion to Microsoft's Visual Interdev or any other Microsoft Visual Studio product. So if you can not afford the luxury to buy Microsoft Visual InterDev, get the remarkable intelliCanvas - FREE.

How is intelliCanvas® intelligent?

Just start writing on the intelliCanvas® as it senses before you write. As you type a dot after an ASP Object, a list of all the corresponding methods will popup on the screen.

Does intelliCanvas® also support HTML editing?

Yes, intelliCanvas® does support HTML editing by sensing what the next tag will be.

How is intelliCanvas® available free of cost?

intelliCanvas® is an adware, so available free of cost for download.

Is intelliCanvas® available in an ad free version?

Version 1.0 is only available as an adware. Ad free versions will be available in the future.

<< Click Here To Download intelliCanvas >>

What is intelliUpload?

Are you an ASP Developer and want to upload files to your web server but do not have the rights to install the expensive file upload components?

Or are you managing your own web hosting server and don't want to invest in buying expensive file upload components?

Don't worry! intelliUpload is a small executable program that is placed in your web site's CGI-BIN. All you need is to pass a few parameters to the iUpload.exe through a form page and the file will be uploaded.

For a limited time, intelliUpload is available FREE of cost, so why not have right away.

<< Click Here To Download intelliUpload >>


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