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Introduced by Microsoft, ASP stands for Active Server Pages. ASP is a program that runs inside IIS (Internet Information Services).

An ASP file can contain text, HTML, XML, and scripts. The difference between HTML and ASP file is that when a browser requests an HTML file, the server returns the file but when a browser requests an ASP file, IIS passes the request to the ASP engine.

The ASP engine reads the ASP file, line by line and executes the scripts in the file. Finally, the ASP file is returned to the browser as plain HTML

With ASP, you can;

  • Dynamically edit, change, or add any content of a Web page.
  • Respond to user queries or data submitted from HTML forms.
  • Access any data or databases and return the results to a browser.
  • Customize a Web page to make it more useful for individual users.
  • Provide security – since ASP code cannot be viewed from the browser.
  • Clever ASP programming can minimize the network traffic.
  • Because ASP scripts are executed on the server, the browser that displays the ASP file does not need to support scripting at all.

Although ASP.NET from Microsfot is the new successor of ASP, but it still is in use as there are tons of sites still running ASP and it is easier to develop as compared to ASP.Net.

We have the expertise to develop application is ASP, whether they are web applications or corporate browser based applications.




What our clients say

Sulata is a very reliable company with a lot of technical talent. We’ve been very satisfied with work they’ve done for us in the past.

Bond Nwonye, Trilet Technologies, USA




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