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Our Products

Over the past years in business, we have a developed a wide range of innovative products to offer. They may perfectly match your requirement, if not, they can be modified to do so.

Besides these products, we also offer custom development services to meet your exact requirement.


File Manager

Free, lightweight file manager in PHP for VPS , especially VestaCP.



Exit Logics

Web based online exit interview system.




World's Simplest CRM




Cross-server database backup PHP script for MySQL.




Customer satisfaction survey application.



Incident Board

Incident Reporting and Root Cause Analysis System.






What our clients say

I have worked with Sulata on various projects for 15 years and have always been delighted. The help, advice and development work I have had has always been excellent. They are always my first port of call whenever I think about a new project.

Emmanuel Gilbert – founder of TheJudge.co.uk




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