Outsource Your PHP Projects

20+ Years in PHP Development

PHP also known as  PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor, is the most widely used server side scripting language that was originally designed for web development, to produce dynamic web pages.

It has a short learning curve, can be very easily embedded into HTML and requires a web server to execute the web pages.

PHP can be deployed on almost any web server and on almost on every operating system and platform free of charge.

There are over 20 million PHP websites and 1 million web servers running PHP.

We specialise in PHP web development and are involved in doing outsourced PHP development for companies around the world since the year 2000.

We can proudly claim to be one of the first few companies in Pakistan to start development in PHP.

We have a huge list of satisfied clients around the world which is a proof of our customer satisfaction.

In 1995, PHP was originally created by Rasmus Lerdorf. PHP is now maintained by The PHP Group and serves as the de facto standard for PHP as there is no formal specification. PHP is free software released under the PHP License, which is incompatible with the GNU General Public License (GPL) because of restrictions on the use of the term PHP.

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