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We invest a huge amount of time and resources to make sure we bring in prospective buyers, but once the they have contacted us, we usually do not have a plan to turn a lead into an actual sale. It is important to realise that in most of the cases, if we stay in touch with these business prospects, then only we get business from them. In fact, the prospects need to hear from you several times before they actually buy.

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Research says if sales opportunities are followed up, sales can be increased by 80%. This means that if individuals and businesses are not following their sales leads up, they are losing 80% of sales.

AHA CRM is our simple and easy to use software. It is different from other CRMs as it has been designed around the follow-up philosophy. AHA CRM makes sure that you follow up at the right time and make maximum sales by following up.


  • Browser based
  • Runs over Internet or local network
  • Access restricted
  • Group people in teams
  • Record reason for losing
  • Get individual or team reports
  • More..