Fit Fleet

Fleet Information Software System

Fit Fleet

Fleet Information Software System

A cutting-edge Fleet Information System engineered to optimise and elevate the administration of your vehicle fleet.

Cloud-Based Access

Fit Fleet provides a browser-based interface hosted in the cloud, ensuring secure access limited to authenticated users. This adaptable feature enables users to log in from any location, ensuring broad accessibility while maintaining security.

No User Limit

Accessible via any browser, Fit Fleet ensures secure and unrestricted user access from any location, promoting scalability and flexibility in fleet management.

Intuitive Dashboard

Experience an intuitive graphical interface providing quick insights into fleet performance. Benefit from real-time data visualisation to make informed decisions effectively.

Today's Task Prioritisation Dashboard

Easily prioritise tasks efficiently using a dedicated dashboard that highlights tasks due on the current day.

Fuel Management

Track fuel consumption and expenses, and identify fuelling patterns to optimise costs effectively.

Efficient Scheduling

Streamline the scheduling of maintenance, inspections, and other essential tasks to minimise downtime through proactive planning.

Traffic Violations Management

Keep track of traffic violations and delve into identifying the drivers with the highest number of violations. Generate reports detailing expenses incurred due to violation charges.

Accident Tracking

Record traffic accidents and analyse the drivers involved in the most accidents for further investigation.

Vehicle Handover Management

Monitor vehicle handovers to maintain accountability. Document the transfer of vehicles between entities to ensure transparency and accountability within the fleet management system. Facilitate smooth transitions between drivers.

Vehicle Timeline

Access a detailed timeline displaying the maintenance and fuelling history for each vehicle.

Vehicle Financing Details

Access centralised information regarding vehicle financing. Receive notifications when the financing period for a vehicle is nearing its end.

Driver’s License Management

Receive alerts when a driver’s license is approaching expiration. Ensure driver compliance with valid licenses to mitigate legal risks and insurance claims related to invalid licenses.

Vehicle Task Management

Manage tasks based on both cycle and time intervals. Streamline maintenance and upkeep schedules to perform tasks promptly and prevent losses.

Vehicle Documentation Storage

Access centralised storage for the essential documents of each vehicle.

People Database

Connect individuals to specific vehicles and maintain a database of company staff. Easily track which person is using which car.

Gate In / Gate Out

Record meter readings when vehicles enter or exit premises for further analysis within the Fleet Information System.

Trip Request Module

The Trip Request module features a user-friendly interface that allows employees to effortlessly submit trip requests. It incorporates integrated Google Maps API functionality for streamlined location validation. The system automates mileage calculation in real-time using the Google Maps API, ensuring precise distance metrics. Cost estimation is seamlessly integrated, leveraging an algorithm that considers mileage, fuel rates, and other relevant parameters. Submitted trip requests undergo an approval process, with notifications prompting line managers to review and authorise requests, ensuring compliance and financial oversight. This robust feature set simplifies the trip request process, enhances accuracy in mileage and cost savings, and maintains an efficient approval workflow.

Real-time Vehicle Locations

Through seamless integration of the tracking company's API, Fit Fleet establishes a sophisticated real-time monitoring infrastructure. This functionality captures and updates vehicle locations in real-time on Google Maps, enhancing the overall fleet management experience.

AI Bot

The AI Bot, a premium feature within Fit Fleet, transforms user interaction by facilitating seamless data retrieval through natural language chat. Users can effortlessly access vehicle details, expenses, fuel consumption, and more by conversing with the system.

This innovative feature supports multiple languages, including Chinese, ensuring a globally inclusive user experience. Powered by advanced natural language understanding, the AI Bot accurately interprets user intents, providing real-time, context-aware responses.

This not only simplifies user interactions but also enhances the accessibility and efficiency of extracting valuable insights from the fleet management system. It offers a sophisticated and user-friendly interface for effective fleet monitoring and analysis.

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