Stop Incidents from Happening!


Incident Reporting and Root Cause Analysis System

Incident Board

Incident Reporting and Root Cause Analysis System

Incidents can happen anywhere. Whether it is a fire incident, a theft, a road accident, an environmental hazard, a security breach or any other, if we can get to its root cause, we surely can eliminate its recurrence.

Incident Board is a powerful, state of the art software system where one can log incidents, analyse them and take appropriate measures to make sure that they do not happen again.

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Incident Board not only has an in-depth dashboard for a quick overview regarding the incidents in an environment, it also has an extremely powerful reporting module to drill down to the root cause.


  • Browser based application
  • Only one server installation required, no separate client installation needed
  • Runs over local network or Internet
  • Email notifications on incident logging
  • In-depth dashboard
  • Incident trend
  • Advanced search capability
  • Drill-down capability
  • Root cause analysis
  • Artificially intelligent warning system
  • Data filtering based on place, incident
    type, nature, responsibility and cause
  • Customisable incident types, users, locations,
    incident natures and incident causes
  • Find the top employees or contractors involved in incidents
  • View estimated financial loss
  • View estimates man-hour loss
  • Generate tabular reports
  • Download incidents summary report in text format
  • Download root cause analysis report in text format
    Reporting period customisation
  • Violations register
  • Theme customisation
  • Link user to incident type
  • Mobile application
  • Google maps integration
  • IoT devices integration
  • Multiple location/premises management
  • Link user to location/premises.

Incident Board is ideal for:

  • Fire Departments
  • Police Departments
  • Rescue and Emergency Services
  • Coast Guards
  • Hospitals
  • Educational Institutes
  • Hotels
  • Airports
  • Railways
  • Industrial Fire and Safety
  • Security
  • Human Resource
  • Engineering
  • Environment
  • More..

Visit – Incident Board’s dedicated web site.